IBB’s commitment to serving our local and global communities finds its foundation in the advocacy of youth education and equality. Two-thirds of all IBB’s historical charitable contribution is directly donated to youth education organizations. The IBB Community Action Network (ICAN) is an internal group made up of IBB consultants, sharing a passion for education equality. Throughout the year, the ICAN donates volunteer hours, money, and sponsorships to support youth education initiatives. ICAN partners with high-impact charities to remove educational blockers both domestically and internationally.

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Abroad, ICAN partners with Developments in Literacy (DIL) to develop and grow high performing schools in Pakistan. DIL focuses on providing education and empowerment to young students, especially girls. The DIL student-centered school system brings teachers and schools to underserved areas of Pakistan, creating a safe environment for students to learn and engage. The Jattal School in Pindi Provence is an IBB-sponsored school funded directly by IBB and its employees. The Jattal school educates 111 students, 70% of which are female. ICAN works with Jattal and the DIL organization to pilot new student-focused programs to help build engagement and English-language comprehension. For this work, ICAN was presented with the Consulting Magazine “Excellence in Social & Community Investment” award, and Developments in Literacy’s “Outstanding Contribution to the DIL Cause”.

IBB’s commitment to serving our local and global communities finds its foundation in the advocacy of youth education and equality.

IBB Team

In IBB’s home-city, ICAN partners with the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) Philadelphia. ICAN’s partnership with KIPP Philadelphia is focused on serving the City of Brotherly Love, by developing the best schools in the highest need communities. The mission of KIPP is to create a respected, influential, and national network of public schools that are successful in helping students from educationally underserved communities develop the knowledge, skills, character, and habits needed to succeed in college and the competitive world beyond. ICAN sponsors a KIPP intern, donates volunteer time, and gives back to the local community through service events with KIPP Philadelphia.


IBB, through the ICAN group, is committed to serving our communities by creating immediate and long-lasting opportunities for education equality. Our team of consultants drive civic action and responsibility, consistently innovating on new ways to make a difference in our local and global communities. As of fall 2016, IBB is expanding its social partnership to New York by hosting the fitness fundraiser SoulCycle for KIPP to support KIPP NYC.