Interactive Broadband Consulting Group (IBB) serves as convergence specialists to leading cable, media, wireless and technology companies. We help our clients pioneer new products and services, develop innovative business models, and successfully execute business plans.

“We have a very quantifiable impact. We are focused on output and it shows in all of our engagements. We couldn’t keep pace with innovation today had we not specifically built the firm to address convergence across all of the key areas we practice.”
Imran Shah

Our consultants have played key strategic and transformational roles as senior advisors during significant periods of the industry’s evolution. In 2001, recognizing a major shift toward convergence that would sweep the mobile, media and cable sectors, a handful of industry veterans decided to form a unique consulting firm. Their goal was to help companies in this convergence space overcome challenges and pursue new opportunities. Since then, we have conceived and executed some of the industry’s most significant strategy and technology initiatives.

“In our early years, when we were less than ten people, we placed great importance on not introducing internal silos, operating with full transparency, and building a true meritocracy – we believe these philosophies continue to define our culture, even as we continue to grow exponentially.”
Afzaal Akhtar

Our early work included guiding the strategy and implementation of the first digital cable TV, interactive TV and high-speed data deployments in the U.S. We have also played an integral management role in key merger activity and helped maximize the long-term strategic value of multibillion dollar investments being made throughout our industries. We are pioneers in strategic thinking around TV Everywhere, IP Video, and Advanced Advertising, to name a few, and we have worked to bring related technologies, strategies and offerings for these and other key industry initiatives to market.

“An example of one of these key industry initiatives includes playing a major role in shaping and maturing the smartphone industry. We are helping our clients drive innovation as they work to develop the next hit wearable form factor in an Internet of Everything ecosystem.”
Jefferson Wang

In recent years, we have exponentially grown our project work and expertise in the media and mobile spaces. We have a proven track record of helping media companies with some of their most complex problems, with a focus on areas like VoD/SVoD strategies, advanced advertising, big data, marketing optimization, international growth and M&A. In addition, we have supported mobile and wireless companies during the planning, development, deployment, and post-launch support of wireless networks, devices, products, and services.

Today, IBB continues to grow rapidly into a global leader in this convergence space. Consultants around the world provide senior-level client support across the full project lifecycle, from conception to implementation. From our U.S. offices in Philadelphia and abroad in Amsterdam, Beijing and Melbourne, we work with our clients every day to help them identify oncoming industry shifts, adapt to market changes, capitalize on new business opportunities and maintain an edge on the competition.

What makes IBB different?

Industry Focus: Across cable, media and wireless, our clients have access to deep expertise and innovative thinking that spans network infrastructure, software, content and devices.

Innovation + Execution: We support our clients through a full lifecycle project approach, from ideation to execution. We are creative and imaginative in our approach and have the technical ability to help our clients develop winning products and successful business models.

Senior Expert Team: Our client teams comprise IBB experts with at least 10-20 years of experience. All of our consultants have participated in the generation of industry leading innovations or breakthroughs.

Client Ownership Culture: We work with our clients to augment and complement existing resources within a culture of collaboration and shared success. We embrace our clients’ business and share the challenges and opportunities faced.

Objectivity: We maintain full objectivity around potential solutions, technologies and strategic options. We focus on creating solutions that best address client needs and opportunities.

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