IBB’s senior team of industry experts has pioneered and honed a media and telecom oriented approach to Big Data. With designated expertise in big data architecture, IBB is the business intelligence consultant of choice for operators, OEMs and media companies.

It is all too easy to lose sight of the business objectives amid the plethora of smartphone, M2M, app and clickstream data now available within an enterprise. Determining an agile data strategy with intelligent, predictive modelling is an ongoing and ever evolving challenge. Our core principle is to filter all data to meaningful and actionable intelligence, delivering insightful information to the right executive, at the right time.

A robust framework of data governance, internally between business and IT, and the data owner is essential. Best practice in navigating, sharing and extracting intelligence from the IOT, service providers, virtual networks and the unstructured mass of social data, needs to be established. IBB’s smart data methodology uses innovations in data science, social data analytics and data architecture, to address and solve the business issues behind complex fields.

Our technology and smart data teams operate across three principal areas of engagement: customer, service and network. Working across business and IT, we identify strategic questions relevant to the business problem and frame them into hypotheses that are individually tested using manageable data sets. Our skill is in finding and extracting data applicable to the problem, and the subsequent transformation of data into meaningful information. This process can also provide a vendor-neutral assessment of the enterprise’s data quality and IT capabilities, improving business intelligence and MI reporting throughout the company. With compliance at the heart, we offer full cloud security, across big data operations.


In today’s fast-paced, innovation-lead economy, companies face unique pressures. Not only must they support the technology and systems that power subscriber offerings, as well as meet internal needs of operations, marketing and care organizations, but also do so while addressing rapid product cycles, meeting scaling demands, addressing broad reaching integrations and effectively handling massive amounts of data. Achieving success in this environment requires organizations to remain nimble, to constantly innovate and adjust, and do so always with the big picture in mind.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Through insights gained working across multiple industries, IBB has developed powerful methodologies that help address our clients’ digital, technology and smart data challenges and ensure robust answers to key questions: How to implement and benefit from new technologies quickly and dynamically based on changing business needs? How to gather and interpret massive data sets and unlock the next big opportunities? Our smart data consulting focuses on the skills and expertise required to deliver new services in a rapidly changing market, and typically address the following:

  • Analysis: Our smart data methodology enables rapid and insightful analysis of enterprise with an emphasis on characterizing and segmenting customer groups to support Ad sales and care initiatives, understanding operational data to drive service hardening and technical planning, and analyzing audience and consumer preferences to support product and service development.
  • Strategy: Understanding the business, technical and operational value of new and emerging technologies, we leverage in-depth understanding of our target industries to develop strategies that maximize current and future capital and operational investments.
  • Design: Working with the client to develop detailed solutions that identify key system and organizational dependencies, guide partner relationships and establish implementation and operational roadmaps that can effectively deliver the strategies while supporting continuous innovation and improvement.

What We Offer

  • Product planning and ideation
  • Decision support modeling across business, technology and operations
  • Technology portfolio and strategic architecture strategy and governance
  • Architecture design, including functional, scaling and reliability review
  • Development, test and operational strategy, structure and streamlining
  • Data strategy, ‘smart data’ analysis and data governance
  • Cloud and virtualization strategy and design
  • Continuous improvement with IT, dev and ops transformation

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IBB Consulting’s Smart Data methodology examines enterprise data to cost ­effectively generate mission-critical insights, and alleviate the fatigue of data deluge.

We provide vendor-neutral insights through expertise in predictive modeling, customer segmentation, data strategy and governance, cloud security, agile data strategy, social data analytics, big data architecture, data science and network analytics.