Content and service providers today are challenged to reshape their offerings, cost structures and business models. As the pace of innovation accelerates and consumer demand evolves, our clients are increasingly relying on sound strategic vision and planning to help them stay ahead of the competition. IBB sees two primary trends emerge:

  • International expansion – To benefit from international growth and increased middle-class spending across LATAM, APAC and other specific regions, many programmers and operators are evaluating international partnership and acquisition opportunities. In some cases global market expansion will be required, in others virtual scale through partnerships will suffice.
  • Strategic capability investments – To accelerate enablement of strategic capabilities, IBB clients are increasingly evaluating investments into technology companies in the following areas: analytics, consumer digital media platform, advertising and marketing capabilities.

To grow and maintain a competitive advantage in this climate, strategic planning is essential. IBB consulting is led by a cross-departmental team of digital strategy experts with decades of combined experience.

IBB is a seasoned team with deep industry and technical knowledge that helps clients develop strategies during planning phases and conduct integration during execution phases of capturing value. We do so by leveraging our international presence, coupled with extensive strategic experience in both market-specific recommendations and macro-views across regions.

Successful enterprise projects we’ve led:

  • Business unit strategy and financial analysis
  • Product development, launch, optimization, and services strategy
  • Digital content, mobile and technology strategy
  • Competitive strategy
  • Market entry, segmentation and pricing

How we do it:

  • Helping define and engage leadership around a strategic vision
  • Bringing cross-industry knowledge to help inform strategies
  • Developing market-specific opportunities across the media production, programming and distribution ecosystem
  • Assessing specific partnership and acquisition opportunities
  • Execution leadership

What we offer:

  • Ecosystem change impact analysis
  • International expansion strategy
  • Product and technology investment analysis


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