Operational excellence has never been more important in the increasingly competitive cable, media and wireless markets. In addition service provider’s new innovative solutions, driven by the convergence of broadband and mobility, are creating a customer base which is always connected and demands access to information anytime and anywhere. Compounded by customers having wide-ranging options and low switching costs, often the question of loyalty turns on a few critical customer experiences.

Companies today must be ever-vigilant in ensuring that service delivery and customer care and overall experience is excellent and continually improving.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

IBB consultants help its clients by optimizing all aspects of their value chain. We strongly believe operational and organizational excellence is not a stand-alone project but a continuous improvement and realignment of the business.  Our senior team provides innovative thinking across network infrastructure, software, content and devices. We help you improve overall operations and cost efficiency while strengthening your existing resources in a collaborative culture within your organization.

IBB encompasses the following critical aspects as part of an assess, recommend and execute approach:



  • Client strategy alignment – evaluate and challenge client strategy to understand potential disconnect with operational effectiveness and goals.
  • Design – identify improvement opportunities via assessment of organizational processes, operating model, supporting tools and culture.


  • Planning – prioritize opportunities determined in previous phases and lay out a comprehensive matrix in terms of near term and long term implementation details and associated benefits and cost. Bring effective insights for a workable roadmap that can include increased speed to market and scalability.


  • Program execution – manage, execute and enable client organization(s) with tools and supporting processes.
  • Sustained operations – start measuring success via tangible success metrics and determine further improvement opportunities tying back to strategic vision.

What We Offer

  • Organization and business process design
  • Customer care design and optimization
  • Licensing and business rights management
  • Digital content supply chain management
  • Product/project portfolio management
  • Technical/network operations optimization
  • QA testing and system integration optimization

Achieve excellence in broadband, mobile & wireless.

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Our Experienced Growth & Strategy Teams Can Help.

IBB’s deep industry knowledge crosses functional boundaries and departmental silos. We connect the dots and enable solutions to optimize all aspects across the value chain. Our best-­in-­class approach drives radical improvements in operations and cost efficiency.