To meet new opportunities and overcome emerging challenges, mergers and acquisitions present an attractive prospect for a broad range of cable, media, and mobile players.

The ability to merge with another company provides opportunities to strengthen a market position by increasing core competencies across the value chain. Additionally, successful M&As can help firms acquire expertise in a new vertical or sub-segment and increase market share by expanding into new markets.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

In the past decade, IBB Consulting has had the privilege of supporting some of the most important mergers in the broadband landscape.

We bring an unmatched combination of merger integration experience, as well as industry and client knowledge to help plan, manage, and execute mergers and acquisitions. IBB utilizes a methodology built on invaluable lessons learned from past integrations and related programs that will help clients avoid potential challenges of their particular merger and ensure a successful acquisition.

Some of the key aspects of our merger practice include:

  • Deal models
  • Pre­-merger due diligence
  • Day-of-close and brand transitions
  • Integration planning, migration, and execution
  • Cultural alignment
  • Infrastructure optimization

What We Offer

  • Expertise and leadership addressing the full M&A lifecycle
  • Robust methodology, tools and frameworks tailored to M&A
  • Deep subject-matter expertise in strategy, products, technology, and operations across cable, media, and wireless using an objective vendor-neutral attitude

Achieve excellence in broadband, mobile & wireless.

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Our Experienced Growth & Strategy Teams Can Help.

We specialize in end-­to-­end M&A for cable, broadband, mobile operators and media companies, with the ability to skillfully combine pre-close planning and integration execution. Across the merger and acquisition life cycle, we help clients with due diligence, integration planning, infrastructure migration strategy, day-of-close implementation, and integration.