A constant bias for action is the catalyst your firm needs to realize the benefits of green lit plans. We’ve all seen the telltale signs of successfully getting there: disparate functions aligning along similar goals, complexities managed across the lifecycle, nimble course correction as warranted. Yet success eludes many initiatives – reminding us of the pitfalls along the way.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

IBB partners with your senior teams in leadership, decision-making and managing complexity. Our unique approach fuses content development with execution governance. We develop the required content (e.g. requirements, playbooks, architectures) while at the same time providing the execution management of plans.

We accomplish this with our team of senior consultants with decades of dedicated industry focus. The result? Execution success. Your people focus on their goals while contributing to the success of your new initiatives.

Key aspects of our execution leadership capabilities include:

  • Top-down governance: Ensuring programs benefit from sound structure: the right teams and interfaces, leadership cover and an effective sequence of meeting cadence from the working teams through executive readouts.
  • POV decision making: We develop Points of View (POV) for your validation, whether in recommending alternate technology or business options, or in identifying ways forward that can better meet your timeframes and budgets.
  • Tailored communications: Skillfully designing the regular communication vehicles from the working teams up to the executive leadership—enabling the breakdown of complexities in order to proactively tackle the dominant challenges.

What We Offer

  • Full lifecycle execution leadership—from early ideation through benefits realization.
  • Span of oversight across all our service areas.
  • IBB consultant peers across your teams—ranging from working team leads through steering group guidance.
  • A proven set of user-friendly tools—customized to your situation and preferences.
  • An insatiable appetite for results!

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Our Experienced Growth & Strategy Teams Can Help.

IBB applies our deep industry knowledge and focused execution expertise to rigorous product and project execution. We assist on complex programs that span multiple organizations, teams and geographic borders, aiding in cross-functional integration, speed to market, successful product launches, risk assessment planning and strategy execution planning.