Partner Jonathan Weitz Shares SVOD Insights with VideoNuze

IBB-Jonathan-Weitz-150x150Partner Jonathan Weitz recently wrote an article for VideoNuze, summarizing how media companies can prep SVOD services for the next wave of growth. The article includes data from the latest IBB report on paid OTT video services.

“Preparing SVOD Services For Next Wave Of Growth”
August 1, 2017
More people are paying for more streaming video. Netflix’s Reed Hastings and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos have insisted that people owning multiple subscriptions will be the norm. On Netflix’s recent Q2 earnings call, Hastings emphasized that Amazon’s success in certain markets has not taken away from Netflix’s.

A recently published report from IBB Consulting shows the underlying trends behind these claims, revealing that half of paid streaming users subscribe to at least two services. Streaming users are also prepared to spend on additional services or even pay more for the subscriptions they already have. In fact, based on average SVOD pricing, a majority (61%) of SVOD subscribers are willing to pay at least 20% more for their favorite service. 29% of paid OTT video subscribers plan to add an additional paid service within the next six months.

Read the full article “Preparing SVOD Services For Next Wave Of Growth” on VideoNuze.

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