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Matt Dorney,
Consulting Manager,
IBB Consulting

IBB Consulting Manager Matt Dorney writes the first of a four-part series about digital transformation. In this article published at Light Reading, Matt outlines the goals and key strategies of digital transformation for MVPDs. Click here for part two, “Kickstarting Digital Transformation.”

(Light Reading)
Matt Dorney
August 30, 2017


MVPDs are recognizing the importance of digital transformation and have started taking steps to improve customer experience, service delivery and more. They are also learning that executing on a comprehensive digital transformation strategy can have positive impact across other priority areas, including operational efficiencies, new business ventures like IoT and wireless, and M&A activity.

However, cable and telecom have lagged other industries like travel and hospitality in embracing the digital revolution. MVPDs have an opportunity to make digital investments without upending their current business. While operators struggle with the demands of competing investments every budget cycle, digital transformation must be made a priority to stay competitive.

Defining digital transformation
Digital transformation is a term that has been thrown around quite a bit in different contexts over the past few years. In IBB’s view, and based on discussions with operators, digital transformation is centered around three main goals:

  • Increase customer satisfaction: Empower employees to delight customers by helping them do their jobs more effectively and focus on the most impactful customer engagements.
  • Empower customers: Empower customers by offering control and convenience that fit easily into their lives. The goal is for customers to think digital as the first mechanism of interaction.
  • Make the case for digital: Reduce analog transactions like customer service calls by shifting customers from offline to online, which reduces costs and helps change the operating model.

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