Jonathan Weitz Shares Multiscreen Promotion Strategies With Cablefax

IBB-Jonathan-Weitz-150x150IBB Consulting partner Jonathan Weitz moderated the “Digital Alchemy: Weaving Screens into Video Gold” session at the Cablefax TV Innovations Summit in NYC. Jonathan recapped the event for Cablefax in his article, “In Search of Successful Multiscreen Marketing Chemistry”

July 12, 2017
At Cablefax’s annual TV Innovation Summit a few weeks ago, programmers, service providers and the technology world converged to talk about what comes next for driving multiscreen viewing. It’s an interesting time to have this conversation, as tech titans invest heavily in emerging areas like AR and VR, artificial intelligence and innovative data-driven advertising tools.

Are consumers actually engaging with these multiscreen, social and new campaign technologies? IBB Consulting’s data suggests so. Users seem to be warming up to new ways of interacting with brands. And most importantly, they’re doing it across screens. Consider some key data points and takeaways from IBB’s recent survey of US consumers that say they use messaging app Snapchat regularly:

  • 30% of Snapchat users have followed an advertisement they saw on TV onto a social network.
  • One-third of Snapchat users have shared a picture with a Snapchat or Facebook filter from a brand or company.
  • 40% of people would want to learn more about an ad if it did not disrupt their browsing and viewing.
  • Nearly one-quarter of Snapchat users have interacted with ads to earn points or credits by sharing or participating.

Read the full article “In Search of Successful Multiscreen Marketing Chemistry” at Cablefax.

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