Jefferson Wang Addresses Cable Industry On Wireless Opportunities

Jefferson Wang was asked to address the cable industry as part of the Wireless Wonders session held at Light Reading’s Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies event held this week in Denver. Jefferson gave IBB’s perspective on wireless operator ambitions and where cable has an opportunity to compete and pursue new revenue strategies.

(Light Reading)
Sarah Thomas
March 24, 2017

As Jefferson Wang, senior partner for wireless at IBB Consulting, explained it, cable operators are working to move from inside the home to outside, while the wireless operators want to move from outside to in. That is where the battleground is today. WiFi is the clear platform for wireless in the home, and cable undeniably has a stronghold there.

Partnerships, however, are also a viable option, and Wang pointed out wireless and cable providers already partner on backhaul. Cable companies have to push their position so that when they come to the bargaining table, they look like attractive partners rather than just acquisition targets, he said.

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Jefferson Wang, Senior Partner,
IBB Consulting

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