Three Ways CSPs Will Approach OSS/BSS As New Ambitions Demand Next-Gen Support

Light Reading published an article from IBB principal consultant Bryan Adamson discussing the three approaches to improving OSS and BSS to keep up with the industry’s expanding needs.

“Three Ways for CSPs to Upgrade OSS/BSS”
By Bryan Adamson
Light Reading
April 19, 2016

Communications service providers (CSPs) have long relied on OSS and BSS systems to keep key functions like sales, payments and installations running. But as legacy architectures reach the end of life and cannot keep up with the industry’s latest pursuits, major upgrades are on the horizon. The elephant in the room is that these systems are so critical and engrained into the fabric of operations that they can be difficult to replace. Still, the industry must press forward to tackle the latest demands and opportunities.

In IBB Consulting’s recent work with CSPs on OSS and BSS upgrade initiatives, we have identified three primary approaches for tackling necessary evolution efforts, including legacy biller life extensions, next-generation biller migrations and greenfield deployments. These approaches address the rapid convergence taking place in the industry and are largely tied to necessary operational efficiency gains that will help power new initiatives.

For example, many CSPs are boosting their focus on customer autonomy by improving self-service options for sales and care. Other providers are making offer configuration more agile by upgrading product catalog capabilities. They are reducing processing delays around fulfillment of new orders with more intuitive user interfaces and better data visibility. There have also been initiatives to improve network capacity management by adding real-time incentives to encourage use of services during off-peak times.


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Bryan Adamson, Principal Consultant, IBB Consulting

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