Data Management Platform (DMP) enhancement for an MVPD

The client need:

As TV and digital advertising move ever closer together, data management platforms (DMPs) are helping MVPDs realize full potential of their data and have ever-growing importance in unlocking value from proprietary audiences. Organizations are leveraging DMPs and Subscriber Information Systems (SIS) capabilities to apply 1st and 3rd party data to increase ad sales revenues. DMPs enable marketers and advertisers to manage and use all types of data to allow MVPDs to build and discover valuable audience segments and support effective marketing campaigns.

IBB offers thought leadership and hands-on execution experience to advanced advertising product and ad sales organizations to help realize the true potential of consumer data.

The MVPD client sought to enhance their audience targeting capabilities across platforms, enhance  reach and frequency control, gain insights to their audiences through granular targeting capabilities, and manage data costs.

IBB Solution:

We helped plan a phased approach to fast-track the project. In order to ensure that the client did not lose inventory scale, we helped preserve the existing DMP functionality until the new DMP was fully integrated with the existing ad servers, DSP and downstream systems.

We helped coordinate the cross-functional teams that included ad product, sales, legal, ad serving platform teams and engaged with outside DMP vendors and 3rd party data providers to help plan and execute on-boarding of the DMP enhancements.

We helped define KPIs and success criteria for the successful enablement of the DMP.  We also helped prioritize audience segments for each phase and the helped client shortlist 3rd party data providers based on their reach, price and accuracy for audience targeting. We helped enable first party data (including STB data) to sync with the integrated DMP for consumption by data-driven advertising and audience analysis tools. IBB provided support for testing activities around integration of the DMP with various downstream systems. IBB also mapped out the administrative design in the DMP user interface for the cross functional teams’ relevant use cases and provided comprehensive user trainings to multiple teams within the client’s organization.


IBB completed a successful integration of the DMP with the existing ad servers, DSP and downstream systems. By using a phased approach to deploy audiences that were selected, IBB helped the client enable greater reach on digital properties, and enabled the client to report, forecast and tie audience segments to downstream systems efficiently with a unified approach. The project also helped the client develop a market go to strategy and sales collateral.

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