As Google Fiber Rollouts Begin, Here’s What Cable Will Watch Most Closely

By Dan Dodson, Afzaal Akhtar and Matt Kalman

[Following the launch of Google Fiber, Dan Dodson, Afzaal Akhtar and Matt Kalman collaborated on this article about what cable will watch closely, which appeared at]

Google knows how to make a splash in new markets. Like Search, Gmail, Maps and other innovative products from the company, Google Fiber is shaping up to be a market disruptor. This time, Google’s sights are set on the TV and Internet services industry.

One gigabit Internet connectivity, the Nexus 7 tablet as a remote, a two-terabyte storage box, a build-out strategy based on “fiberhoods,” options to pay only a connection charge to get free Internet connectivity: yes, these are all indeed innovative developments. And Google has stated that it intends for the service to turn a profit.

Google Fiber includes so many breakthrough elements that it will serve as a learning lab not just for Google, but for its competitors in the cable industry as well. But what exactly are those competitors hoping to learn? This is what the cable industry will be watching most closely as Google Fiber rolls out to consumers.

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