Robust M&A activity, international and domestic geographical expansion, next gen access networks, video on demand, pressure from web-based streaming content and product diversification are all driving rapid change and transformation across the cable industry.

As a result, many cable MSOs are lagging institutionally, with significant operations inefficiencies, redundancies and missed profit opportunities.

At IBB, we realize that today’s market requires continual growth around operating methodologies, systems and processes. IBB has the senior industry experience to deliver growth and implement productive change in organizations requiring incremental adaptation to emergent market stimuli. Change is not always easy – but we deliver through extensive experience creating cost efficiencies and mitigating associated risks.

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Identifying the Causes of Cable Service Problems

Real time customer metrics offer unparalleled insight for cable companies looking to increase customer experience, drive revenue and decrease costs. MSOs turn to IBB’s expert consulting team to develop smart analytics that foster business success. The Issue A major US MSO wanted an intelligent mechanism to improve the customer experience and cut down on operational...

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The IBB change management approach embodies an enterprise-wide perspective. With C-Suite engagement, your vision and strategy are embedded in our ethos. Our organizational change management team will look at the full scope of departmental arrangement and governance. Our IT change management consultants will assess the asset and applications IT estate, drive implementation of best practices and identify cost savings as well as operational enhancements. Our flexible approach is driven by your goals, with flexibility for deploying restructuring, replacement and outsourcing.

Before embarking on any project we collaborate deeply to resolve key issues:

We work to establish organizational cohesion throughout project planning and delivery.

Whether building out new services, evaluating the supply chain, integrating new ERP and CRM systems, we have demonstrated expertise in both organizational and IT transformation, processes and people.

IBB organizational excellence consultants believe in modernization to breed excellence. Our expertise in data models, HR and business processes and systems allow MSOs to create new teams, streamline operations, improve institutional transparency, reach new territories and innovate to grow.

Achieve excellence in broadband, mobile & wireless.

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