Consumers today demand always on, high speed data (HSD) and MSOs are thus pressed to deploy next-generation access (NGA) networks in response to this demand. Doing so requires a suite of technology choices that balance capital and time constraints, customer expectations, last mile access considerations, HFC spectrum management and the need for a long-term, scalable solution. The right choices and crisp execution of next-generation access networks can set up a cable MSO to thrive amidst an intensely competitive market landscape.

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Cable Industry High Speed Data Rollout

Cable companies today face emergent and increasing market pressure for high speed data (HSD), with MSOs that deliver increased revenue and customer retention. Need help with HSD rollout? IBB Consulting’s industry-focused expert senior team can help. The Issue The client had started an initiative in support of its business strategy to radically increase data speeds...

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IBB brings deep industry focus and expertise to help you make and implement decisions and dramatically reduce the time to market.  With 10-20 years of industry experience, we are uniquely positioned to drive innovation and success at your business, as opposed to junior teams and generalist consultants.

We are experts at both the research and strategy to make the right infrastructure decisions, and have the execution chops to partner for a successful rollout. Our dedicated focus on both client management culture and operational excellence helps ensure that your organization owns the initiatives and strategies, and that you are poised to carry the success forward post-engagement.

Contact us today to see why leading North American MSOs work with IBB Consulting on their NGA network strategy and execution.