A well-defined M&A strategy enables cable operators to diversify product offerings and grow their customer base. However, while activity in the M&A space offers significant opportunity, the reality of the landscape is that over 50% of M&A initiatives end in failure, as project complexity overwhelms initial optimism.

IBB boasts a seasoned team of experts who have worked with virtually all North American MSOs and overseen more than $100 billion in successful M&A activity. Before the deal is closed, M&A advisers and deal makers are often overly focused on potential benefits. We help ensure that opportunities are realized in full, and that potentially negative outcomes are avoided from the outset. Whether the goal is diversifying the product line, extending the value chain or expanding the customer base, our seasoned M&A advisers offer unrivaled execution experience, deep industry expertise and innovative strategy. We partner with organizations from the outset—from the day a deal is announced, or sooner— through the day of close and beyond, to ensure successful outcomes.

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MSO Merger Integration

IBB’s senior staff of expert consultants have decades of combined experience, and have overseen successful M&A’s with a transactional value in excess of $100 billion. We consistently shepherd M&A projects from initial research and due diligence straight through to successfully executed merger. See below for an example of how we work, and reach out to...

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We work closely with C-Suite executives, and from there throughout an organization to mobilize key stakeholders and quickly determine the overall strategic approach. World class strategy is paired with effective communication at all levels of seniority to maximize the value and retain human capital assets where necessary. Leveraging IT and CIO expertise, we deliver operational excellence. We work to streamline, integrate and decommission business processes and systems, to protect and grow revenues while reducing operating expenses.

At the heart of our M&A work lies a sensitive approach where we value each individual organization’s success and culture. Only with this can customer satisfaction and experience be managed well across the newly-defined business. At the core is the realization that every project is different, and that business as usual must continue, even as longer-term goals evolve. Whether growth will be best attained through maximal integration or through existing best practices, our merger integration consulting experts will plan and deliver at every step.

With so much at stake, 50% odds are not acceptable. Do not allow your M&A success to rest with the flip of coin. Get in touch to learn more about IBB’s M&A services, and see how we can help your business thrive.