Amid rapid cable industry change, growth is no guarantee for companies in the $150 billion cable industry. The challenge for cable MSOs is to stand out against the competition and deliver superior content and customer experience, often over new platforms, all while identifying new advertising revenue channels. Emerging markets, with growing audiences, offer additional potential for more traditional growth based on geographical expansion.

IBB cable growth consultants work with MSOs to fully explore, document and execute on growth opportunities. Customers are presented with diverse choices and ad yields under pressure, so cable operators need to be crisp and strategic in their operations.

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Broadband Data Pricing Strategy

Are you looking to make crucial decisions about your broadband data pricing strategy? IBB’s senior staff of expert consultants have the experience needed to forge data-driven and innovative business strategy in the ultra competitive HSD niche. Contact us to see how we can help. The Issue HSD has established itself as the flagship MSO product....

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Opportunities are emerging to leverage distribution via subscription video on demand (SVOD), social media communities and TV Everywhere to cultivate second screen strategies and give consumers access to content on their terms and timetables. Excellence within and across these niches can help further monetize content and improve consumer loyalty and satisfaction.

Positive results flowing from innovation will only follow, however, if paired with targeted growth in ad sales, content operations, user experience enhancements and improved analytics. Ad sales teams must operate cross-platform, and be armed with unambiguous ROI and reach data for clients. We will work with you in all aspects, each step of the way.

Growth based on innovation and diversification domestically can be complemented by cultivating an international strategy, to further improve the revenue stream with targeted M&A activity. For MSOs this can mean they are now toe to toe with global companies and must adapt and invest to scale and compete accordingly. Emerging markets and economic mobilization leading to new middle class sectors across the globe may be a key to growth for many MSOs.

IBB’s seasoned experts help both national and international cable firms navigate the increasingly competitive landscape to attain rapid growth. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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