IBB consulting’s team of experienced, industry focused consultants consistently find ways to help MVPDs, mobile operators and media companies enhance their customer experience.

The availability of data from devices, click-stream and apps makes it possible to view and understand customer behavior like never before. Intelligently mining this information often surfaces opportunities to standardize and improve customer care operations, and also improve overall customer experience through better and more proactive communication.

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Cable Industry Customer Retention and Churn

Customer experience is at the heart of good business. By understanding the needs of customers generating the highest value to our client’s business and re-gearing services towards those needs, IBB consulting can raise profitability, reduce churn and secure long-term stability. See below for more information on how the IBB Retention Center of Excellence helped an...

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IBB consulting is uniquely poised to serve as a customer experience improvement partner because of our deep industry knowledge. Our client teams are led by experts with 10-20 years of strategic and field experience, a figure unmatched in an industry that often offers junior and generalist consultants. We deeply understand the relationships between call centers, local sales reps, care reps, and technicians, and how to set up streamlined operations with excellence in customer care across all of these silos.

In addition, we have helped to bring the advantages of anytime, anywhere entertainment to the masses. Millions of consumers now routinely enjoy their favorite TV Shows and movies at a time and on a device of their choosing.

All of these ventures combine to impact the customer experience, which decreases customer churn, increases marginal revenue per customer and ultimately drives MSO profits. Reach out to us to see how to leverage our knowledge and experience to improve your customer experience.

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