Competing on big data is heating up at media companies

With the rapid growth of owned digital platforms, additional data coming from traditional and OTT affiliate partners, and a significant investment in data analytics, business leaders and CIOs are today evaluating opportunities to even better harness big data across ad sales, marketing, and viewership.

IBB brings a senior team of media industry-focused big data architects, data strategists, data scientists and analysts to develop and optimize enterprise big data solutions.

Big data initiatives we help clients with:

  • Enhanced customer engagement: for example, increasing media audience by gaining viewership insights using objective measures, such as the quality of customer experience
  • Product development: for instance, enhancing product features that are better adapted to the market, by monitoring consumers’ feedback and recommendations
  • Optimized advertising: such as increasing advertising yield and refining target market, using cross-platform performance analyses
  • Targeted marketing: for example, lead a data-driven marketing strategy thanks to micro segmentation of the market, customer-specific best next offer and product recommendations
  • Operations: such as improving business processes, by monitoring and analyzing daily activities
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Multi-Platform Media Industry Analytics

Digital and media businesses thrive on change and movement, and that means they need actionable information to feed good business decisions. Unfortunately there is a wide gap between that information and the collection of raw data. Building a culture of analytics isn’t easy and requires a joined-up approach from the identification of KPIs and their...

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IBB’s big data services

We help media companies bridge the gap between data complexity and targeted insights, across our industries of expertise: media, cable and wireless. We work in close collaboration with our client’s team, building into the process the ability for the platforms to change as operational needs evolve. We bring deep industry insights to data-driven strategy, governance and big data architecture.

We focus on actionable data-driven initiatives:

Data driven strategies

Practical data governance methods

Big data architecture and optimization

Rapid data science execution

Big data app development

Value Proposition

IBB’s strength revolves around four principles: cross-functional teams, industry-specific approaches, multiple but targeted analytical methods, and fast yet actionable results.

Our cross-functional consultants work at multiple levels across the value chain. Our smaller productive teams rapidly identify issues, strategize and move back and forth from prototype to production, for more efficiency.

Our proprietary industry-specific analytics and smart data approach means that we have the knowledge to move quickly to diagnose, define and prioritize technology solutions that begin adding value immediately, and are the ones that will add highest value in the long term. We understand the language of your business and intricacies of the space.

IBB’s grip on media industry direction, paired with our exploratory insights-driven approach to data analysis, expedites the requirements-gathering process. IBB solves business problems with a range of analytical methods ranging from visualization to advanced regression and optimization techniques.

Rapid translation of business requirements into value-added analytics requirements means agile development and faster full-lifecycle implementations.

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