IBB brings full-lifecycle expertise in helping media companies envision and achieve advanced advertising strategies that are responsive to emerging trends in demographics. We allow ad teams and commercial departments to best match the endless possible targeting combinations with advertising clients’ requirements.

IBB empowers ad sales teams at media companies and MVPDs to identify client campaign goals and key performance indicators, then deploy scalable advanced advertising solutions for media planning, campaign management, cross-platform targeting, yield optimization and predictive analysis, with rapid campaign optimization.

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Advanced Advertising Product Development and Marketing

Advanced advertising offers incredible new opportunities to ad sales organizations. New platforms, tools and methodologies are constantly evolving, and IBB offers thought leadership across the industry. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your business grasp the possibilities. IBB helped a large ad sales organization increase the value of their cross-platform inventory...

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Through increasing advertising clients’ ROI, and exceeding KPIs, media company revenue is protected and enhanced. Full awareness of future trends and technologies ensures that IBB allows media companies to both protect and grow advertising revenues based on the market’s requirements.

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