Media Industry Consulting

TV networks, studios, and publishers confront numerous opportunities as new consumer patterns and technologies impact the media business. We help media companies navigate for success in a changing landscape.


Media companies are growing new services, such as authenticated TV Everywhere, SVOD, ad supported OTT, Cable VOD, IPTV, social media and mobile experiences to satisfy customer demand and reach new audiences. We help clients with new products to stimulate growth across devices, and with targeted M&A activity as companies expand into new territories. We also help plan and implement big data analytics for media companies are adopting strategies to augment and analyze revenue streams, and enhance the user experience. We combine strategic, technical, analytical, and operations expertise to ensure both innovation and implementation excellence drive increases in revenue and viewership.


Develop new services and launch new products:


IBB’s team of seasoned experts help with some of the media industry’s most exciting new services. We help clients with product management and accelerate speed to market, realizing that expansion of interactive services requires pairing operational and technical excellence with economies of scale. We ensure consistent approaches to product development, with clear standards for requirements and design deliverables. We create clear communication channels between product, marketing, technical and engineering departments and the C-Suite, to provide senior executives with a much needed project-level view of operations and financials.


Strategically expand operations and grow revenues:


IBB’s global footprint and international network of contacts allows us to explore acquisition and product leadership opportunities, by identifying growth trends, novel business models and strategic investment opportunities for private equity or horizontal expansion. We work with media and private equity companies through the entire M&A cycle.


Create new revenue streams with smart analytics:


IBB harnesses the power of cross-platform advertising analytics and delivers data-driven intelligence and strategy across organizations. We work with media companies to grow ad revenue on linear, digital and cross-platform, and develop new solutions as programmatic advertising grows. With current explosions in first party behavioral data, we realize scalability is key and work diligently to design robust big data architectures. Our smart analytics and business intelligence reporting cut through data excess—leading to meaningful increases in viewership and revenue.


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Through increasing advertising clients’ ROI, and exceeding KPIs, media company revenue is protected and enhanced. Full awareness of future trends and technologies ensures that IBB allows media companies to both protect and grow advertising revenues based on the market’s requirements.


Big Data and Predictive Analytics

We help media companies bridge the gap between data complexity and targeted insights, across our industries of expertise: media, cable and wireless. We work in close collaboration with our client’s team, building into the process the ability for the platforms to change as operational needs evolve. We bring deep industry insights to data-driven strategy, governance and big data architecture.


CIO Services

Our comprehensive suite of CIO services leverages deep media industry expertise to deliver agile solutions and technology strategies. Rapid expansion of digital products, delivery channels and data sources require greater speed to market while protecting customer data and mitigating long-term costs. IBB’s experience with cloud-based platforms and next generation technologies help our clients develop the best and most agile IT strategies.


Growth for Media Companies

We support our clients on a wide variety of international strategies ranging from M&A and due diligence to content distribution strategies and global digital video platform development.


OTT Video Product Leadership

IBB has partnered with some of the the world’s most innovative and successful media companies in developing, building and launching their digital products. We put customer experience and loyalty at the heart of our methodology to ensure video engagement, customer retention, satisfaction and operational excellence, even as the technology demands shifts in business orientation.


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