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As our industry transitions to the post-cable era, we are helping cable providers maximize the opportunities and navigate through the myriad of associated challenges. Programming cost increases and ambitious internet access goals are pressuring the bottom line. New competition leveraging a vast array of media devices has created a dynamic market for customer attention and loyalty. Software and technology advancements have allowed new entrants to create compelling new services and even new industries in video, home automation and the Internet of Things. These challenges have led cable service providers to undertake new initiatives to evolve the industry and grow beyond their traditional boundaries without sacrificing existing lines of business.


IBB has championed projects with all leading North American MSOs and has played critical roles in the cable industry’s most cutting edge initiatives. We have had the privilege of working in cross-functional initiatives and understanding the interdependence of business, technical, and operating groups. With years of cable MSO-focused strategy and execution, we are well positioned to help MSOs bring new strategic and technical initiatives to life in the post-cable era.


Our unique experiences in the cable industry have made us the experts across a large range of business, operational, and technical challenges that MSOs face today:


    • Merger Integration: Leading the largest and most complex integrations in the industry
    • Next Gen Access Networks: Understanding the choices facing MSOs as they transition to the post- cable era, and working with them to develop and execute their network and last mile roadmaps
    • Customer Experience Transformation: Providing customer delight across the full lifecycle in a cost-effective manner
    • Operational Excellence
      • Innovation Cycle: Compressing ideation, development, and implementation time to market for new &  compelling products
      • Big Data: Performance analysis of data to yield new insights into customer behavior and develop tactics to benefit from these insights
      • Tech Ops: Setting standards and best practice for leading operators and helping define the next generation of support tools
    • Growth
      • Smart Home: Developing strategy in the face of a rapidly-changing industry
      • Pricing & Packaging: Elasticity-based price vs. penetration, vs. completion vs. product feature based modeling to optimize profitability
      • Advertising: Advancing advertising to maximize the unique position of our clients as Internet and TV providers
      • Next Gen Video: Shaping the evolution of video discovery and delivery with our clients

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Merger Integration

We work closely with C-Suite executives, and from there throughout an organization to mobilize key stakeholders and quickly determine the overall strategic approach. World class strategy is paired with effective communication at all levels of seniority to maximize the value and retain human capital assets where necessary. Leveraging IT and CIO expertise, we deliver operational excellence. We work to streamline, integrate and decommission business processes and systems, to protect and grow... Launch

Next Generation Access Networks

IBB brings deep industry focus and expertise to help you make and implement decisions and dramatically reduce the time to market.  With 10-20 years of industry experience, we are uniquely positioned to drive innovation and success at your business, as opposed to junior teams and generalist consultants.


Customer Experience

IBB consulting is uniquely poised to serve as a customer experience improvement partner because of our deep industry knowledge. Our client teams are led by experts with 10-20 years of strategic and field experience, a figure unmatched in an industry that often offers junior and generalist consultants. We deeply understand the relationships between call centers, local sales reps, care reps, and technicians, and how to set up streamlined operations with excellence in customer care across all of... Launch

Operational Excellence

The IBB change management approach embodies an enterprise-wide perspective. With C-Suite engagement, your vision and strategy are embedded in our ethos. Our organizational change management team will look at the full scope of departmental arrangement and governance. Our IT change management consultants will assess the asset and applications IT estate, drive implementation of best practices and identify cost savings as well as operational enhancements. Our flexible approach is driven by... Launch


Opportunities are emerging to leverage distribution via subscription video on demand (SVOD), social media communities and TV Everywhere to cultivate second screen strategies and give consumers access to content on their terms and timetables. Excellence within and across these niches can help further monetize content and improve consumer loyalty and satisfaction.


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